Bekar Kyarr aur Ikrar Pyaar

It was with the greatest of interest that the 2nd strongest cyclone of the Arabian Sea and the most intense storm of the North Indian sea, ever recorded, Cyclone Kyarr (Oct 24 to Nov 1) was being followed by me and our family members for more reasons that one. Apart from the destruction that was predicted in its path with 250 km wind speed and the loss of life and livelihood, our entire focus was on the impending travel scheduled on the 1st of November right in the proverbial eye of the tropical storm.

Plans that were one year in the making with multiple trips for the first union of the family in the somnambulist setting of sun, sea and surf was under serious threat of being called of due to the appearance of the snorting and snarling villain of the high seas. Weather apps were downloaded, frantic calls were exchanged with the venue, vendors, relatives and guests. With bated breath we followed its path from the Lakshadweep to the western coast and moving to the Arabian country of Oman. The week preceding the first week of November greyed my hair and reduced my fingernails to stumps.

But like with all miracles, the skies cleared on the day of travel and being the Karnataka Rajyotsava Day in 2019, with our steed packed to the hilt with luggage and wedding paraphernalia and a couple on a road hog, we set on our journey to the city named after the Portuguese explorer in the laid back state of Goa, Vasco. The kids had taken a flight a day earlier and were busy setting up the scene for the bachelor party that was to commence on the next day.

The trip was uneventful except for a stretch in the border which had unfinished concreted roads and a lunch stop at our usual Dudhsagar Resort and Spa after that. We reached the hotel and realised that the packed car snap was not taken and at that very moment realised that I had not taken my jacket for the wedding reception. The weather changing back to the warmer Goan climate eased my mind a bit. Another trip to the Oyo hotels, that gave me a heartburn over the final stretch with their botched-up bookings and lost money, as well as an unreasonable deposit amount for perceived damages at the hotel also was an irritant.

A quick recon trip to the venue sated our nerves and everything seemed to be dropping in place. The next day (2nd November 2019) saw guests trooping in at various times and the day was spent in welcoming them and taking care of their needs and we did not get any calls from the bride’s accommodation, so all was good. The party was split between adults and youngsters and each had their own space and things to do. Details of which are a hazy memory. Lots of liquid greased the aching joints and increased the decibel levels with indifferent karaoke. Bad seafood put paid to Denis’s delicate innards and that gave us an extra thing to worry about. Some friends spent time in checking out the local scene and the restaurants during the day. On returning from the adults party, I landed up in the youngster’s party to shake a leg and cut a cake of another couple anniversary. I went to sleep hoping not to be woken up with messages of accidents or sick people.

Since the event was scheduled to be in the evening, the day was spent by guests doing their own thing in visiting places on scooters, restaurants in cars and some of them were in the hotel. The pool was under repair and that was a bummer. The other guests did manage to get into the pool but some of them had a difficult time getting out as the metal steps was missing! The bus got delayed and gave us some moments before all of them were bundled off to the resort.

We arrived earlier at the resort and was slightly perturbed to see the reception venue was incomplete. Assurances from the event coordinator did little to soothe nerves. Faithful companions with plan of action sheets took it upon themselves to investigate the matter.

The walk down the pathway to the verdant and terraced nuptial venue took my breath away with small lanterns on the way and the welcome arch. The steps continued till we reached the breath-taking view of the sea gently lapping on the rocky shore and the stage set with the Celebrant on board with a crushed black dress which was bothersome. Guests had settled down on the two levels in rows waiting for the bridal party to arrive. And arrive they did!! First, the groom’s party arrived and followed by the ethereal bride in white splendour on her dad’s arm as they made their way down the stone steps towards the awaiting beaming man or her dreams. The last-minute shift from a live violinist to recorded music was hardly missed.

The hour long ceremony was witnessed with curiosity and excitement, the vows were sent in advance by the best man and matron of honour to each other’s rooms for a photographic recording, the sand ceremony was unique, the rings were in a classic container and the nuptials were simple and elegant. There was a demand for drinking water which was located a fair distance away and the missing ring box later was a cause for concern.

The kiss was solemnised with the setting sun behind the beaming couple and the party moved towards the main building for the snacks as we waited for the newly wedded couple to make their grand entrance after customary photographs. The now disappearing sun and the darkening skies made for dramatic background for some stunning images.

The evening party was set rolling by the energetic MC and the party trooped in with banging music and the rest of the evening were a blur of events with speeches, games and dancing. The food received rave reviews and the bar was well utilised. The party got over with a cake cutting for the bride’s birthday the next day and the light drizzle blessed the end of an eventful day.

Some guest left that evening and others left the next day and we left a day late after settling our bills at the various locations. The couple stayed back for another day and we reached back home after an overnight stay enroute.

We received the missing ring box and a container by courier during the week that was an extra dose of happiness over the existing euphoria. The entire event was supremely supported by a lot of people with their involvements — from general entertainment and completion of duties both planned and unplanned, from taking part in activities with enthusiasm, from dressing for the occasion to being unfussy participants that a lot of my worries were taken away from me. So in its first anniversary of my son’s nuptials in Goa, thank you all, you know who you are — family, friends, near and dear et al.

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Academician, Author, Foodie, Traveller with myriad interests and skills, all jacked and none mastered!

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Bobby George

Bobby George

Academician, Author, Foodie, Traveller with myriad interests and skills, all jacked and none mastered!

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